Fresher Initiation in Granada

The other day I arrived home to what I can only describe as a ruckus of students standing outside my living room window. I popped my head out to see this.

I was shocked to see, what I assume was the entire medical department from Granada University welcoming their new students. It’s one of those sights that you just can’t tear your eyes from. The video doesn’t quite capture the atmosphere. This corner of the city is usually very quiet with maybe one or 2 people out and about with their dogs.

I wish I had taken a picture, but after they had finished, they pretty much cleared everything up after themselves. I can’t imagine anything like this happening in the UK nevermind the students’ cleanliness.

High Speed Shots

Tonight I had a free night and so I have been doing a little bit of experimenting. The nice thing about a flash is that you can simulate a really fast shutter speed. Turn the lights off, set the camera’s shutter speed to 1/200s and play with the aperture a bit and you can get 1/10000s shutter speed. As there is no other light in the room, the only light that is picked up by the sensor is that of the flash, which as I mentioned only lasts for 1/10000s. I started tonight by playing in the bathroom.
As you can see I’ve managed to freeze the bubbles inside the water. It took me a few goes to get this perfectly but I think it’s quite interesting to see.

I then moved on to the only other thing in the house that I could find that moves quite quickly. I set a deodorant can on the table and was able to time the picture with the spray pretty well. However, now my living room is nearly uninhabitable.


A while ago I experimented with drops of water into a tray. I think in the next week or two I might have a quick play with that.

I’ve got a new flash

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here about photography. I’ve had a busy few months and the pictures that I have taken are mostly holiday, tourist photos from about Granada. Last week I bought a flash. After reading many reviews I decided to go with the LumoPro 180. I chose this for a number of reasons. Firstly, It’s a manual flash and I thought that I should try to learn how to use this before going down the E-TTL route and secondly, because it’s a lot cheaper than the Canon/Nikon flashes. I’m pretty happy with it but it is taking me a long time to get used to the camera in fully manual mode. I have found a few interesting thing out however.

Now that I’m not using a lamp as a light source in the house, I’m able to get my ISO right down(less grainy pictures). I have been experimenting with smoke again this morning and I’ve got some interesting results.
It’s not that much different from my previous attempts but I’m happy with this. My incense sticks don’t make very much smoke, but at least the flat smells nice.

Apart from that, I have just been playing around and trying to light different things from different angles. I’m not big into self portraiture but I’m quite happy with this. I honestly didn’t mean to look so scary. Portrait
I’m sure for most people I know this is a common sight. Michael sitting at his computer.

Anyway, I’ll hopefully post again soon. I now have a little more free time after María and I painted the flat.


Steven, Joanne, Ian and Kellie

Last week we had a visit from Ian, Kellie, Steven and Joanne. I have uploaded a few pictures and I will write a little more about their visit in the next few days.

Well I think we had quite an interesting weekend. Of course ate like pigs and drank a little more than we should have but from my point of view it was a successful weekend. It was quite the special occa

I will add some more pictures to my Granada Gallery which I will post below. There are no people in these pictures so I thought it better to put them in this gallery

Maria’s Birthday

Last week was María’s birthday. We spent the weekend having a few drinks in Granada and then heading over to María’s hometown of Almería. It rained for most of the weekend but we had a good time. We travelled to a fish restaurant on the coast for lunch. It was the simplest restaurant that I have ever seen. It was basically a plastic shack with a kitchen which seated about 70 people. The food was fantastically fresh as the restaurant had its own fishermen. I’m pretty sure everything that we ate came from the sea that day. We tried to order a few other things like chicken, but no…. “Sorry, we don’t do chicken. Only fish”.
Anyway… Happy Birthday María!

Lynda, Dave and Margy

Last week we had a visit from auntie Lynda, uncle Dave and auntie Margy. Of course we did all the touristy things in Granada; visited the Alhambra, did a tour of the city, but we also ate a remarkable amount of food. I’ve posted one picture in the gallery but there are more with people in them to follow.

Goodbye to my Belly

This week we joined a gym… I have to admit I had a few reservations about doing this but so far, the time I went was very good. I couldn’t believe that to get in, we have to use a fingerprint scanner. Every time I go in, (that once) I feel a bit nervous. Will I be allowed through??? Anyway who ever thought that my gym probably now has more information stored on me that I do in my own house.
This is us post gym. As you can see we are quite serious about the whole thing.

Visit to Northern Ireland Summer 2014

It has been a while since I have posted here so I thought I would update you on the past few months.
I have had quite a quite summer with the only thing happening being our visit to Northern Ireland. Unfortunately the only time we were free happened to be the same time that everyone was leaving the country so we maybe didn’t get to see as many people as we had wanted. Anyway it was nice to catch up with the people who we saw and we also explored a little more of Northern Ireland than we have in the past.

We started our trip upon the sea. The first few days we spent in the Downpatrick/Strangford area and we competed in the Bar Buoy Race, a sailing race that took us outside of Strangford Lough and out into the Irish Sea. I was hoping for a bit more wind to let María experience some exciting racing conditions but unfortunately all was still and quiet. I didn’t get my 10m high waves going over the Bar Mouth that I had wanted.

We stayed at my brother Ian’s house for a few night and I have to say that it is a relief that I no longer live close to him. The amount of buns and cakes that I would eat would probably end my life. After the first night staying there, I felt quite ill. However, I was unable to stop eating. I could eat the raspberry ruffles all day!

Another day was spent in the Mourns. We decided to climb Binnian which is a mountain close to the southern side of the Mourn Mountains. This was a great walk although it got a little cloudy at some points.

As well as this we saw some more of Belfast, met up with family and friends and generally did touristy things. Both of us really enjoyed our time there and looking forward to getting back soon.

I have posted some pictures of our trip at the start of the post.

A few landscapes from Granada

So tonight I had quite a bit of free time as María was away doing an exam. She passed by the way. Again I walked up behind the Alhambra to see what I could get from the landscapes up there. I have to admit I find it quite hard to find an interesting subject for the pictures. All that’s up there are trees and grass. There aren’t even any rocks. The soil really is this red.

For the sunset, I walked to the top of the hill overlooking the Alhambra and the city. I was playing about with choosing different exposures and I got this pic. This is edited with HDR and it is the first time playing about with this software. I suppose everyone has to do this picture once with HDR…

Finally on my way back down I noticed a BBC Symphony Orchestra lorry. I stopped to chat with one of the drivers for a bit and it turns out they were just in Granada for one night. I have to admit I was a little disappointed. I hadn’t realised they were in the city. The same guy also knew one of the organisers of Schull, a sailing competition I used to compete in in Ireland.